Friday, 12 February 2016

Leadership Vs Inspiration

What is a leader, and would you want to be one? Would i want to be one? Not really no. Why? Because i would rather be someone who inspired people, than one people followed and thought they had to do what i did. To inspire someone, i think, is probably the best thing one could ever do. Fuck being a leader. Look where they have taken us so far. We don't need leaders. Be anything you want to be. But don't be a leader. And certainly don't inspire to be a leader. You are the type of person humanity certainly doesn't want.

I am fed up with seeing memes (see past blog post on how i feel about memes) that say so and so is/are leader/s. Why advocate for the very thing you wanted to stop - people being sheeple. Be your own person. See if you can inspire someone. It doesn't have to be a huge thing you do. It can just be being there for someone, when everyone else couldn't give a shit. It's taken me a very long time to come to this realisation, and sadly many don't, or don't want to. But it is a very rude awakening. You see those who you thought you were inspired by, are nothing but what YOU yourself created. Suddenly those who truly inspire shine thru. Those they really don't know they do.

Do i inspire? Probably not. But do i want to? That's a heavy burden. Altho most of the time you don't know you are. So maybe, somewhere out there, there is someone sitting there who is or has been inspired by me. Who knows. What mark do i want to leave on life? Do i want to be remembered? If i am honest, i don't know - would be the answer to both of those questions. I just want to be me.

Be safe, keep smiling and keep fighting!