Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Reading Vs Memes.

I have noticed over time that people don't read anymore. Not like they used to. Remember when it was cool to read. To get information into your head because you wanted to be better about something, or you wanted to know more about something.To immerse yourself in another world. Maybe you needed to make a life changing decision and needed to know some facts. You would go read up about it. Yes, an article would more often than not have some pictures to accompany said article. But only to emphasis what the article is about. It seems, sadly, that times have changed. And not for the better.
 I, and many others i know, post articles they have found or have written themselves, and think, stupidly, that people will read it and will probably make a comment on it. Or just like it. Maybe they will share it around with their friends too.
But no. More often than not, when an article has been posted, most folk who comment on it will NOT have read it. Some won't even know what the hell you are on about either. But they still think they have a right to comment on it. This is where memes come in. An image with a slogan on it. Something that's in your face and try's to make a point. Memes are slowly becoming the bane of my life. I can see their usefulness, well kinda, but really, they just make people lazy. They don't make people more informed or know about something. It's just a quick fix. Something to tide them over until another meme pops up in their time line. And, ooo a shiny new picture...with words!! Holy fuck stop the front fucking page! What does it say? What does it say,damn it? Does it have say anything about Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders, or Donald Trump, or Elections, or does it have, holy cow, a cute fluffy kitten? .Then hell yeah, whatever it says, I'm all for it and totally agree with it. THAT'S what happens. 90% of the time. Or people will like a meme because of who posted it. And just because of who posted it. They don't really care what is on it. But if their favourite celeb or pop star posted, then fuck i am gonna tell the fucking world about it! They may even like me back...that would SOOO make my day!

I so wish i had something positive to say about memes, but i don't. If i wanted to see an image of Hillary Clinton, i would go google it. And just so you know, i only do that if i want one for my art. Honest. If it interests me, i will read the article. Reading is good. Maybe memes and reading separate those who WANT to learn from those who just couldn't give a shit and will agree with anything you say. And you will get people who say you shouldn't be a "sheep" and follow what others are doing,to be your own person, but in "liking" a meme and just going by what is on said meme, aren't you doing just that? You are not thinking for yourself. You getting someone to tell you what to think. And how to think about something. Memes just subliminal slogans, beaming into your brain and getting you to react in a way the poster wants you to. And most of the time, it works.

So, continue to post those memes. I won't like or comment and will more than likely scroll right past it. If you are a persistent poster of memes, don't be surprised if i unfollow you,mute you or unlike you. Or do all three.
Brain power is so under rated.