Saturday, 5 March 2016

A Poem.

"People. Action. Change."

something is happening
something is growing
something is changing
can you feel it?
people are coming together
people are putting their differences aside
people are gonna change their world
are you gonna be there too?
be the change that you wanna see
be the person you want others to look up to
be the person who makes that difference
no matter how big or small.
it’s a call to action
it’s a call to change
it’s a call to be together
for only together can we change what’s wrong in this world.
ride the wave
be the change
do something magical
channel that energy for good not evil
make people see you want something different
don’t sit there thinking you can’t participate
don’t sit there thinking it won’t change a thing
don’t sit there wallowing in apathy
cos if you don’t try
you will never know.
join the wave
ride the wave
be the wave