Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Life Update.

I just thought i would use this time to write down what has happened, and what is to happen, in my life right now.
I've had some of my art published in a magazine. Which i am SO psyched about. Never had that before. And i still get a kick out of it each time they ask. So much so, that not only am i having images printed, but i am also being interviewed by said magazine! Now THAT is cool! 
And it's because of my art, and of the little activism that i do, that i have managed to get myself a job, making images for a brand new activist company. Can't say too much right now. But let's just say, big things are happening!

So, to anyone who is even bothered, i am giving up facebook - not totally because i understand for some that's the only way to get thru to some folk. Why, i hear you ask? Because of how shit it has become. Seriously, how many times can you post an meme/image with (sometimes false) facts on it, or with words taken from a paragrpah made to look good for your purpose, and expect people to have the "truth" as many so easily say you should have? And forget even trying to post an article. Most people on facebook don't read the article you post. Or watch a video for that matter. As long as it has a catchy headline, they will use that as their bases for their opinion on said article/video. And don't get me started on how false people have become too. Facebook has become a breeding ground for two-faced, false folk.

Oh and i have started my own podcast with Jessica Perry, A Questionable Mind. It's a fun filled political orientated podcast. We talk about just about anything. But we always try and make it fun. And it's getting to be fun making them too. We are going to be starting to record interviews too. Our first is with Dennis Trainor jr. Can't wait for that one! What a way to start things off,huh? 

So, there you have it. My life right now. It may not seem or sound like much to you, but to me. Life is good.

L x