Friday, 10 June 2016

Meditating Works For Me.

Well i have had a whole day off social media. May not seem like much for some but for me, it's a BIG thing. I may not even post anything else after i have written this out. So, what have i been doing? Lots actually. Mainly finding myself. And starting to tell myself that i am ok. How have i done this? Mostly through meditation. Now for some people, this is will sound like a bunch of bocum and mumbo jumbo. But for others, like me, it has helped, and is still helping, a heck of a lot. One thing i have learned too, is that meditation and the way you do it and how it feels i different for everyone. I am still in the learning stage, but i am finding it such a god send. And so helpful. Especially when you have no-one else and nothing to at hand to help you.
There are many many MANY articles online that can teach and/or help in with meditating,. But i found THIS article from Introvert Inspiration explained alot, and was really helpful. I can only go by what has helped me and what i found easy to understand. So this may or may not be as helpful to you. But i do recommend checking it out.