Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Say It In A Mini Rant.

Kinda enjoying my time off from Twitter and Facebook. Not having to worry about what to post or what to like or repost. And to be honest, Facebook is finished. It's not the same as it was. And i have seen people slowly move away from it. Onto what i hear you ask? Well, for now, i am sticking with Twitter. Don't know why. Maybe cos that's where the party is at - as they say! I just have to decide when i am going back on there now. No-one apart from me gives a shit about my art or what i do with it, it seems. Something i constantly wrestling within myself. So do i keep posting my work AND others? Or do i say "fuck you" to everyone, and just post what i do? Mmmmmm. I do have the podcast twitter page, so i can always post news stuff there. Maybe that's the answer.
But for right now, maybe i could just fuck off for good.....
Watch this space.