Tuesday, 14 June 2016

What Comes Next.

Sometimes you can think too much. sometimes you think you can do things, and then you find that you can't. Well, not all of it. And certainly not the way you had imagined.

I had this little dream of doing my own podcast. I didn't know what i wanted it to be about, but i wanted to do one. At the time i starting thinking about it, it seemed everyone had one. And i wanted in! Maybe i could do one on my favourite music and films.....Anyhow, fast forward a few years to earlier this year. I had itchy feet. I wanted to do it. To start this podcast...but i needed a co-host. Someone to bounce ideas and the keep the conversation going. Plus get a different perspective on what we were talking about. I had wanted to get the person i met whilst in the US to do it, but she didn't seem very keen to do it. I was a little down hearted but then Jessica Perry (my now co-host) came along. And bingo! We made plans to start it all up. We did our first podcast and...It went really well! We did another and another. All sounding great. So then we thought, "Why not do interviews too?" So we did. We did have a few teething and technical problems but boy we had so much fun doing them!

And then, burn out. It seems up to this point, as i am writing, that we did too much too fast. And i felt i was doing all the work. Which i wasn't btw. So now the podcast is up in limbo land. I still want to carry it on, but maybe slow it down. Not do so many. And maybe have a purpose for doing the podcast n the first place.

So that's it. That's where i am right now. Other than finding my love of my art again, this is it. Which way i go or how it will turn out, i have no idea. But you know what? Whatever happens, i am having fun doing it. And i am going to keep it that way.

Thank you to all those who have tweeted/listened/reposted/liked/whatever - you are making a dream of this girl come true.

p.s wanna listen to what we have done so far? Go HERE.

Lucy x