Thursday, 7 July 2016

Finding Hope In The Hopeless.

Finding hope in the hopeless
finding peace in the unpeaceful
another soul is gone
another person is taken
taken for what?
reaching for ID
for looking different
for doing what they were asked
for not reacting right
why does it take yet another death
for people to sit up and take notice
another video
another facebook or twitter post
this is nothing new
this has been going on for years
this has always been
but it has to change
it has to stop
but how?
teaching. learning. marching. chanting
telling the powers that be
that you will not sit down
till the killings stop
can we stop this?
yes we can
are we gonna stop
letting people know the crimes?
seriously. does the pope shit in the woods?
you really have to ask?
is this why
they won't ban certain guns?
is this why
they won't authorise body cameras?
protect them from those who dont look like me
because they are obviously doing something to harm me
on that account
i cry bullshit
what about protecting us?
the common man/woman
what about protecting those
who you are being paid to protect?
talk is cheap
for the relatives
the friends
those who feel the same
but dont give up
dont let your voice die down
raise it up
some are hearing you
i do
and i know it's hard
to keep on and on and on
doing the same thing over and over
to get a point across
it seems pointless
and more and more souls go every day
some we hear about
some we dont
all are important
all are a statistic
it will take time
it wont happen over night
but it will change
dont you think so?

Lucy Dyer