Tuesday, 12 July 2016

I am sat here wanting to cry. And wanting to scream. Why? i want to go marching with the people in the streets for police brutality and Black Lives Matter - be it here or in America. I want to shout out my solidarity with others. I want to show them that i too care. That i too want to help. That they are not alone. They have not been forgotten. And i don't think they will be.
But i can't. I am stuck on an island where fuck all goes on. No protests. No marching. Nothing. Which is why i am feeling..well, not so down or sad, just frustrated. I wish i could be doing more. I wish i could be out there marching and protesting with the best of them. 
So to all those who are out there - where ever you are - know that i am with you in solidarity for the cause you are marching for. Don't back down. Don't give up.