Friday, 8 July 2016

Stop,Look And Listen.

I want no part of the name calling, the back stabbing, the so-called "white privilege", everything. To me this solves nothing. All you are doing by giving these people attention is their 15 mins of fame and making other people jump up with them and agree and make the the problems SO much bigger.

No, i don't know all the facts. Who does? Will we ever? But i am willing to learn. To learn the hows, the whys, the how-it-happened, and even the how-the-fuck-did-that-happen. How many are willing to learn before mouthing off about how and what they think? A few maybe. It just irks me that there are some who instantly have an opinion based on what they see/hear on very biased media, and think that is what you meant to think. No. No,it's not. Open your mind for once and think for yourself.

So, carry on with your old fashioned ways and thoughts (for want of a better phrase). Lets all get together, no matter who you are, what colour you are or where you come from, and try and work whatever problem there is out. Lets not fall out because someone else has a totally different view to you. So what? Is it so wrong to listen to a different point of view? Isn't that how you learn and grow?

I am a human. I am willing to learn. I am so much bigger and better than all this. I want to sort things out.
How about it - Wanna try?