Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A Mini Rant: Explosions In My Head.

Man has it been an odd couple of days. I feel like i have lost contact with everyone i know. And i don't know why. It feels like i shouldn't have just up and left social media. And now i feel stupid for saying that. I now feel like it's something i have done - or not done. I am a little confused and anxious about it all. And i really know i shouldn't be. Cos if i think about it logically - which i can't right now - it is more than likely me just putting more into something that isn't really there. Time for some tough love and talking from my counsellor i think. This will sort my head out.
And you know what? It will probably be all ok in a day or two. And I will wonder why i was like this at all.

Sorry if i am talking complete poop, but sometimes you just got to write down what is in your head. no matter what it is. Sometimes that works. Sometimes not. I just hope i can get out of this funk i am in. And for me doing this - writing it down - kinda works for me. It's like a diary of my what is in my head at that particular moment.

Wish me luck in my journey towards a better and more content me. I have come so far down this journey from self destruction, that i am damned if i am going to give up now. And to those who are on the same kinda path - good luck to you too. It's not easy. No-one says it is. And it shouldn't be. Altho there are times when i wish it was. But then where is the fun in that? Right?

Have a great day all. Peace out!