Sunday, 4 September 2016

Comments Can Cause Brain Farts And Stupidity.

There are folk out there that will have a right go at you for not putting up links and facts to an article or image someone has posted. And it pisses me off.And i know it shouldn't. It's stupid i know, But that's just me. And it proves that there are still some pockets of this world that, altho they profess to be politically minded and hate what is going on and want change blah blah blah, can't be bothered to go do something as simple as looking it up for themselves.
Yes i was like this. But i learnt that i wasn't going to get the answers i was looking for if i just got others to do all the work for me. I had to do it myself. You know, do a bit of research, look stuff up, talk to people - make my own mind up. Isn't that how this is all meant to work? To be able to think for yourself? Or have i missed something?
And i have to say that this is making me stop looking at some of my fav pages on here because of these - and there really is no other word for them - dumbass people. I used to love reading comments and yes, i used to have a laugh, and maybe learn something from what they say. Not anymore. Now i just cringe. And I wonder sometimes what the owner of the page thinks. Some very rarely if ever, bother to read the comments anymore.
I can't be the only one to think, or to have thought, this way. And yes, i feel like i am re-hashing something i have said before. Many times before. And it on't be the last time either.
I use my brain. I ask questions. I want to find out more. Even if i have made up my mind, i STILL want to find out more. My brain is sponge for facts and information, and i really can;t understand anyone who can't use their brain the way they are meant to. With the exception of earth,think of the brain as the biggest computer ever. And currently you only use a half of a hair. Fill it up.
And i'm done. Sorry for the rant.