Thursday, 27 October 2016

Feeling Better?

I've not taken much notice of what's been going on online much thee past couple of days. I've not commented, posted or liked to anything, either on facebook or twitter, or anywhere. One reason is because i am just fed up with all this US election talk. It's just WAY too fucking much. All the in fighting, the name calling and the bust ups, between people who were once friends and/or acquaintances has just gone into madness. I want no part in it all anymore. And don't get me started on the wikileaks email leaks. Enough is fucking enough. No more. I wanted ot see if i could be content and/or happy with just onr day of not caring about shit. And only caring about how i felt.Yes. I basically said to everyone, fuck you, its all about me. And why not? Everyone should just step back and see what aresholes they have become over this. Seriously, some people who i thought were unbiased, are now shoving an opinion down our throats and they dont seem to care that you dont like it. And god forbid if you tell them too.

I saw this article - "In Defence of Dumping Toxic Friends" - by the awesome Katie Klabusich, on her twitter feed. And it was like a bolt of lightening hit me as i read it. I knew i had to do the same thing. So i did. And in a way, i still am. I now realise who my friends are and those who i want to be friends with but i am really either a fan or a nuisance. I really thought it would be a difficult thing to do. To just switch off that part of a life i thought was good. I knew who was holding me back, i just needed a kick up the arse to get rid.

What does this have to do with the US elections and what i have previously said? Lots actually. I think its called a cleansing of the mind and body. Let the fuck go of anything that just make you feel icky, mad, fucked up and just feels wrong. I know i have made the right decision. I know i will be better off for it.

I know i have said this before, but this new me i am turning into, has taken such a long time. And i wish i had started on this road a long time ago. It aint gonna be easy - those who say it is are just lying -  and it certainly wont be fun or pretty. But you know what? It WILL be worth it. Watch me!!