Saturday, 1 October 2016

Mini Russian Rant - Taking The Eye Of The Ball?

Whether Russia did horrible things with bombing is up for debate. And i still don't know - as with everything,will we ever really know? - who did what. but what gets me is that not only is this being splashed all over the mainstream media but i have to ask myself - What about all the innocent people killed via drones and bombings that the US, UK and others have done in other countries? Why are those not given the same media coverage? Are those lives not good enough? Or is it just a case of, i can do it but you can't? 
I suggested some days back that maybe the US never really wanted this cease fire/truce with Russia at all. And all they wanted was a war. They just needed an excuse. I guess, in their warped minds, they now have one.Yes, another one. Well, they do have to raise some money somehow. It kinda scares me a little that i even thought that. Let alone that it may, or may not, come true.
And now Kerry has said that, the "Russians don't care about international and we (the US) do." What the flippin fuck? Really? Now you can say that the Russians definitely bombed the shit out of those trucks or not. Whatever. Like i said i'm not entirely 100% sure. Maybe that's just the enquiring mind in me going on override.I don't know. Just take a step back and question the surrounding reasoning's as to why, and the how. And please, don't believe everything you see and hear at face value.
Oh and, fuck main stream media!