Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Emails Mini Rant

First there was Guccifer (where did he go?), then there was Wikileaks....and it probably won't stop there. The state department will be releasing Clinton's work emails before and after the elections.
"...the State Department agreed to post to its website by November 3 as many as 1,850 pages of emails that Clinton failed to turn over originally. The FBI recovered the emails during the bureau's investigation into Clinton's email practices."
And it will apparently be posting after the elections too.
And you have to remember that Clinton apparently deleted nearly 60,000 emails too.
I guess folk aren't that bothered about what is actually in them. You know, how they thwarted Bernie Sanders at every turn, what she told Goldman Sachs, what was in those paid speeches to bankers etc etc. Oh and she was ,apparently, "fed" a question before a debate.

Wanna know more? Well, you could try google and other search engines (there are tons of articles out there), but here are a few articles to get you started (do some research and make your own mind up about it all) -

"Most Of Hillary’s Deleted Work Emails Won’t Be Released Until After Election" 

"State Department will release deleted Clinton emails" 

"VICE News got the State Department to release more Hillary Clinton emails right before Election Day" 

Also, check out the webiste for Judical Watch and Election Justice USA on facebook.

Or am i just wrong about it all? Have i got it all arse upwards?  Am i asking too many questions? Am i not asking enough?