Tuesday, 8 November 2016

"Mother Earth" - poem

"Mother Earth"

Out of bounds
Out of touch
Down the slippery slope

Wind swept
Wind up
Wind down
Whistle down the wind

I’m up
I’m down
All around, spinning
Turn around and see me
Catch me when i fall

Left foot
Right foot
Flat feet
Stomp on courage?
Not while I'm still standing

Take down
Take up take me away
From all the pain and suffering
Get a take away
Get comfortable food

Slow down
Slow up in the slow lane
In the fast lane
Stand in line beside your fellow man

Take heart 
Take head
Have doubt
Have clout
Walk away
Walk beside me
Tell something true
Tell me you believe
Tell me you’ll change
Tell me I've not grieved for nothing

Don’t give up
Don’t give out
Don’t give in
Don’t worry
Don’t frown
We have but one chance
In this human race

Ignore me at your peril
Ignore me and I’ll be the last 
Thing you’ll see
Sleep now, sleep soundly
Wake with hearts and minds 
Filled with new hope I'm not going anywhere