Monday, 28 November 2016

Recount This!

A little rant of this recount business. 

This recount business. Good for Jill Stein i say. Why? Cos she actually had the balls to do what many of us were arguing about doing. There were many people, too many to name individually, that were saying before, during and after the US elections about having a recount. Many opinions went this way and that - it was certainly better than watching the crap that you find on TV nowadays. Reality TV at its finest. 
Anyways, when Jill came out and said she was going to do something about it, i think there was a huge gasp in cyber space. Could almost hear it through my computer.  And you know what? I think most people were/are pissed that it was Jill and not them. Seriously, get over ya fucking self! If not her, then who? Certainly not you. You who was slagging everyone off from "the other side" - notice i didn't say a particular party? All you could do was tell people off for voting for who they did. This was also the period where the famous "blame game" came out and had a play. It always does with something like this. And it fucking pisses me off. But i digress. 
The recount. Will it work? Will it be fair and transparent? Who knows? That has yet to be seen. But you know what? In this case, it doesn't matter. If you like Jill Stein and/or like the Green party or not blah blah's the fact that SHE did something. Now get the fuck over that fact. Seriously,stop being missing link monkey flinging shit around the place and get behind what Jill is trying to do. 
If you want to see if there was any fraudulent votes, want to see what the outcome is, then get behind what she is trying to do.

Thank you/