Monday, 16 January 2017

Why I Hate Memes

Been a long while since i last posted in here. And i come back now with one of my biggest bugbears of all time - MEMES! To me, they can all fuck right off! Can't stand them. To me they make people so lazy in doing any research about a topic and/or making their own decisions and opinions on things. Plus some memes even go as far as making up facts too. I've given up trying to tell people this fact when this happens. It's like talking to a wall.
I found this article - "Why Memes Are A Bad Idea" - and i agree whole heartily with it. I LONG for the day when memes just die a quick internet death. Don't you? We should all be able to use our brains and not rely on someone's pick of words on an image to tell a story. And even if along with the meme, a person post a related article, most people WILL NOT read said article. Why should they when they have written out for them on an image? 
So go ahead post your memes, just don't expect me to repost it for you. Cos i hate them with a passion.