Thursday, 6 April 2017

Drone Vs Chemical Attacks - What's The Difference?

I can't sit here and be silent any longer. I have to say my piece. Right or wrong.
Is it me or does it not worry some that there is wall to wall coverage of this chemical attack, as bad and as shitty as that is. Something that has reportedly killed up to/over 100 people. And already people are setting out who they believe did this. Without much evidence i might add. Well, evidence that WE know of. All the usual game play really. The MSM - both tv and paper - are all over this this. Coming at it from every angle imaginable. Trying to decipher the how, when,what and why.

But where was/is the wall to wall coverage on MSM about all the many thousands of civilians that are killed with drone strikes? And i am not just including Trump in this. Obama is to blame too, with all the drone strikes that have gone on. You don't see pictures of the maimed or injured or killed by drone on the front page of newspapers or online, do you? Not like you are with recent attack.
And with many world leaders condemning it, don't they realise just how fucking ironic and patronising they sound? THEY are the ones should be apologising for this, and any attack that happens.They all think that war will help conquer, or "cure" all this fighting. It won't. it only makes it worse. They love to blame anyone BUT themselves. And now Trump has come to think like the rest of them. He is slowly towing their written in stone line.

What it DOES do, is make more and more money for many people and world leaders. They need war cos it plasters over all the troubles that are happening in their own country. 

War NEVER solves anything. Never has, never will.
Anyway, thats my rant. Glad i got that off my chest.